Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Poppers and Play Things!

Dear Argenta,
What’s the real T on Poppers? I hear they are dangerous and can put you at risk for HIV, is that true?  I have a lot of friends that use them.
Dear Concerned “Friend”,
Querido, thank you for this question!  I, too, hear about a lot of “Popper” use in our community.   There is a great controversy over the use of Poppers and its effects on our community.   It is believed that because they are relatively “harmless”, then we shouldn’t worry.  There is no evidence that shows that Poppers are physically addictive, however; some studies show that they can become psychologically addictive. 
Poppers are butyl or amyl nitrate.  Here is how they work: Poppers increase your heart rate, dilate your arteries and cause your blood pressure to drop. This produces a "rush" as your heart struggles to keep blood flowing to your brain.   Now, I am no Doctora, but it sounds pretty dangerous to me Papi!  The sensation that you get from this is a warm flash and intense sexual drive.  This will only last about 30 seconds to a minute.
Poppers were first designed for heart patients and were only available via prescription until 1960 and in 1988 alkyl nitrites were outlawed by Congress except for “Commercial Use”.  At that point they appeared as Video Head Cleaner and air fresheners. Today they are isobutyl nitrite and sold in gas stations under names like “Rush”, “Snappers” and “Liquid Gold”.  (It is illegal to sell them as an inhalant in the United States) 
As too how dangerous they are, A 1983 U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission investigation Briefing Package stated that "Available injury data did not indicate a significant risk of personal injury or illness from room odorizer abuse."   Poppers can cause burns if spilled on the skin or brief erectile dysfunction.  Papi, don’t go mixing Poppers with prescription vasodilators, such as Viagra®, it can cause MAJOR problems like fainting, stroke, or heart attack! 
Now, there is no biological evidence that states the use of Poppers will put you at a greater risk for HIV.  However, being under the influence of anything could cause poor decision making.  Papi, you know what poor decision making leads too…Poor Decisions!  
One last thing Papi, Poppers have been known to lower the strength of the Immune System for 1 to 2 day afterwards.  This is why you…I mean; your friends can get very sick after using them.  This is especially true for people who already have a weak immune system.
I just want your friends to be safe!  Like any drug prescription or otherwise know what you are taking, know the source, do the research.  Like mi madre always said, “One minute of pleasure, could be a life time of pain”.
Well, that is what I have to say about it.  So, I am going to send you un beso grande y un abrazo fuerte! 
Gracias Querido for Asking Argenta!

Dear Argenta,
I've gone to a couple adult video arcades several times.  One here in Bloomington, another in Clarksville.  I have also been to the bath house Club Indianapolis twice and The Works once.  I've received oral sex from several men anonymously and have also given it a couple times.  I have never let someone ejaculate in my mouth (though once a man did on my chest/stomach) and it has never gone further than oral sex.  What are the chances of me having an HIV infection?  Also, is there somewhere in Bloomington I can get tested for that on a Sunday (tomorrow)?
Dear Wanderer,
Querido, I am sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you…this computer thing still confuses me.   The correlation between oral sex and HIV is one that has been talked about forever. Studies show that you can contract it, others say no.   Here is what I say!
Yes! You can contract HIV from Oral Sex.   Now, it is a small chance (1-7% according to a British study).  You are doing the right thing by not allowing your partner to ejaculate (cum) in your mouth.   Here are some rules for oral sex:
1)      Use a flavored condom (this is the safest)
2)      Don’t allow your partner to cum in your mouth.
3)      Mama always said “Spit or Swallow…don’t let it wallow”
In the future we will actually be doing a blog post more in-depth about Oral sex and HIV.  Until then Click Here for what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have to say.
As for Testing on Sunday…Ay Querido, these ladies at the Positive Link work so hard, I let them have Sunday off.  If you need a test please call 812.353.3169 or 800.313.4645 and they can make an appointment for you.  They are also at the GLBT Student Services Center Thursdays from 11-2pm, Walk-in hours every Monday from 2-6pm and once a month we are at Uncle E’s for Testing, Trivia & Tiaras where we provide free testing. 
I hope that helps!
Well, that is what I have to say about it.  So, I am going to send you un beso grande y un abrazo fuerte! 
Gracias Querido for Asking Argenta!

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