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Who is the real Argenta Peron?
Legend tells us she was born with glitter in her veins in the tiny town of Los Toldos, huddled on the edge of the vast Argentine pampas. The daughter of a ranch manager and his mistress; she was forced to work the unglamorous life of a back roads Diva. Kicking and scratching, she worked her way to the top.
A lively, intelligent girl in love with American films and yearning for a life beyond the endless expanse of grassland, seventeen-year-old Argenta left her home for the bright lights of Bloomington, Indiana.  Argenta had carved out a career as a radio and film actress, and the press linked her to a number of powerful suitors.
However delusional she is, she commonly refers to herself as the People’s Diva; offering her advice to anyone who will listen, often unsolicited. Argenta herself became the object of intense, almost mystical adoration by the people (if only in her own mind).
We have asked Argenta to answer your questions (so she’ll leave us alone).  We cannot deny that she does know a lot and is always willing to listen.  If you have a question about life, love and the pursuit of happiness…or pretty much anything else…just Ask Argenta.  And as she always says “Do You Boo, Do You!”