Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why do men love boobs?
Dear Concerned,
Querido, that’s like asking “How many licks does it take to get to the center of tootsie roll pop?”  “The world may never know!”   However, here is one explanation.
Thanks for the “Mammary’s”,

Not all men have penises. Statements like, “I know that men do not have vaginas” makes me feel sad and erased. ): just sayin’…would be nice if your language was more trans inclusive.”
Dear Sad,
The article in question is Bad Bottoms and not an Ask Argenta post.  However, I do want to address this issue.  The phrasing that was used “I know that men do not have vaginas” was used to illustrate a point.  Prior to that statement the article talked about the use of feminine hygiene products for anal cleanliness. It was a statement that was used to bridge the two discussions. 
It is not in any way intended to single out or erase the transgender community.  We would love to have someone write for the Illumenate blog about Transgender issues, if you are interested please email illumenate.
With that said, I would like everyone to remember one thing.  One of our ground rule here at Illumenate is to speak from our own experience and to try not generalizing for the whole community.  If you have a story to tell or something to say from your experience, the Men of Illumenate welcome you to voice that opinion at the weekly core group meeting or here on the blog.
Un Abrazo fuerte y un beso grande,

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