Thursday, March 31, 2011

BAD Bottoms!

Before I start this blog, I want to make sure that everyone understands that this is strictly about information and prevention of disease.  (i.e. HIV/STD).  No information on this blog can replace the advice of a Doctor. 

Today’s post is about the Bottom! In the public health world we refer to bottoms as the “Anal Receptive Partner”. There are some things that bottoms should know about having a healthy…well, bottom. I want you all to be B.A.D. Bottoms!  That means that you have to take care of yourself Before, After, and During sexual intercourse. 


Let’s start at the beginning…a very good place to start. There is an enormous pressure on the bottom to be immaculate. This has caused some discourse in the community and some major miscommunications. This has also lead to the misuse of hygiene products.

There is a lot of debate on whether enemas and douches are safe. Here is some information that I found about the health of using these products. I do not endorse or condone the use of these products.  Again, ask your Doctor if these things are right for you. 

Many men have turned to using Feminine hygienic products or “Douche”.  These are products that force a stream of water or other chemicals into the vagina to “clean”.  There is a lot of debates about douching.  Here is the reality, vaginal douching is actually not a healthy practice.  The American Journal of Public Health has shown studies that say it reduces the chance of pregnancy and can also change the Ph levels leading to infection. 

Now, I know that men do not have vaginas; but, if it isn’t healthy for the vagina it isn’t healthy for the anus.  The anus has mucous membranes which tears easily.  Where there is tearing there is a chance of infection; not to mention the chemicals in douche can actually leave the anus in an unhealthy state. 

Enemas of any kind can irritate the lining of the bowel. The bowel contains bacteria, which help digest food. The bowel lining keeps bacteria out of the bloodstream. After an enema or douche, these bacteria, which are not harmful when they stay inside the colon, can be released into your bloodstream and can cause serious illness.

Enemas have other risks as well. Using enemas more than once a week can interfere with the chemical balance of the body and cause dangerous changes of potassium and sodium in the blood stream. In severe cases, these imbalances can cause seizures. Over time, people who use enemas can become so constipated that they cannot move their bowels at all without an enema. Let’s be real, nobody likes a cranky bottom!

Discuss this issue with your partner. You may be more concerned about cleanliness than he is. He may not be bothered by a small amount of feces. Using a towel will protect the sheets, and a condom (which you are using every time, right?) will keep his penis clean and protect you from infections.

Generally, people move their bowels more easily after eating. This is because eating causes the intestines to contract, moving feces towards the rectum. So (assuming you are not constipated), if you have moved your bowels that day and avoid eating for a few hours before sex, there should not be much feces in your rectum. Before sex, wipe your anal area with a moist cloth to remove any residue. It’s better to clean with a cloth rather than toilet tissue, which tends to shred and leave bits attached to the skin.


Is this your first time? Using the anus for sex can be very pleasurable.  There are millions of nerve endings in the anus and for men the act of anal sex could stimulate the prostate.  I know that you are eager to find out what feels good for you…but slow down there turbo.  Let’s talk about anal sex. 

First, a penis is far too large (or at least some hope), to just go in the anus right away.  You may want to start with something smaller.  Using a finger or a small sex toy can teach a bottom how to relax and ease your way into the bigger things.

During sexual intercourse there are many ways to protect the bottom.  The obvious way is to use a condom and water-based lubricant.  This will protect you and your partner if used correctly.  The water-based lube will help avoid damaging the anal opening and walls. 

Many people ask how much lube should I use?  Well the answer is simple…A LOT!  I am not saying you have to set up a lube wrestling ring in your bedroom, but the more lube you have the easier things slide.  As the bottom, you know when it is too dry or hurts too much!  You’d betta tell somebody!  Communication is not only a key to a healthy relationship but a healthy sex life.   Just remember to use something that is safe to use with latex condoms.  The lube should not be petroleum based or contain nonoxynol-9.

If you choose to have bareback sex, make sure that you both know your HIV/STD status.  Once again make sure that you are using enough lube.  This will cut down on the tearing, which decreases your risk for HIV/STD.


Now that you are all done…that doesn’t mean you can forget about you bottom.  Anal health is very important.  You need to make sure that you are getting a regular anal exam.  Some STDs do not have symptoms that show in the anus.  I would also recommend that you talk to your Dr. about “Anal Pap Smears”. 

Anal Papilloma is a concern among Gay and Bi men. Anal Papilloma is caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).   This could cause warts, and may cause cancer in the anus or on the penis.   Here is some more information that you can take to your Dr. about Anal Paps.  

There are some other issues related to sexual health such as Anal Fissures and Hemorrhoids. Fissures are small tears in the skin or tissue of the anus.  Hemorrhoids are inflamed enlarged veins.  These are things that if you engage in anal sex you need to make sure are getting checked. 

Just make sure to make a bottom check up part of your regular testing routine.

So that’s it Bois!  Make sure that you are regularly checked for HIV, Syphilis and other STDs.   If you haven’t already, go out and get your Hepatitis Vaccines for A & B to avoid the spread of those diseases.  Remember, be a BAD Bottom!

Bottoms Up!  

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