Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Note from Argenta

Dear Queridos,
Yesterday, I had a moment of sadness.  When I learned of Jamey Rodemeyer my heart became heavy.  I became so enraged at what people are doing to our children. I know many of you have experienced this hate first hand.  There is no way for me to apologize for what people have done to you or make it go away.  I can only offer you a safe and fun environment to be yourself…whoever that is! 
Jamey’s story is not unique, unfortunately.   There are so many youth out that have to endure this vile hatred and have had listen to bigots spew poison.  Papis, every day I walk into my office and look at my poster from the Trevor Project.  This poster says “I am glad I failed at suicide because my life is so amazing now” and I think “Me Too, Papi, me too”.   There are way too many unique and beautiful people in our community to lose one.   YOU could cure disease, create masterpieces, change the world…but you have to be here to do it! Who knows, you could be the first gay president…as long as I get to be on the cabinet!  As Mr. Marlo Thomas (Phil Donahue) said “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”
If you, at any time feel depressed, sad, or that you want to harm yourself or others; please talk to someone.  There are many resources in the community.  Many of them are free! I encourage you all to take a moment and connect with a friend and let them know you care.
So take a moment right now to Text, Call, Facebook, G+, Tweet, Morris Code, Smoke Signals, WHATEVER, and tell them that if they need, you will channel Oleta Adams and get there!  
Please Queridos, take care of yourselves and each other!
Un gran beso y un abrazo grande y fuerte,

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